You’ve probably already heard the aqua bowl story

So we’re not going to bore you with that again

Instead, let’s play a game

Champagne or Shandy

Business book or Fiction novel

Numbers or Words

Morning person or Night owl 

Drives at the speed limit or Always just under and in the ‘wrong’ lane 

Jeans girl or Frock aficionado 


Dead straight and always blonde or Curly girl and currently pink 

Boots or Connies

Loves an spreadsheet or Breaks out in hives looking at Excel

Camping or Oh dear God, no 


So, what do we have in common? Well, we can both make this face!?

And we’re both sick to the back teeth of businesswomen accepting second best, working for peanuts, and sacrificing the stuff they love to squish themselves into employees for a brand that was meant to blast them into the success stratosphere. 

We don’t do half-assed (but we do only work 20 hours a week each)

We don’t do whisper-marketing (‘though we will teach you how to find your own level of TA-DA-ness in the sea of marketing noise) 

We don’t do sloppy (because we’re too busy being sassy and strategic) 

We do: 



Downright doers

Between us, we’ve heard 2 decades worth of stories (and associated excuses, reasons, and perfectionism) and although we love you all, we now want to turn those stories of yours into 


Whatever your fat, juicy dreams are, The Double Act are coming at you with two times the whammy-power to get your messaging bang-on, turn your content into cash, put profit in your account, and keep you on the hook. Because you’ve tried doing it by yourself and you know it’s now time to go TA-DA and get it good or get off. 

Oh yeah, we’re not messing around. 

Why ‘The Double Act’?

A participant in one of our in-person workshops (yeah, it was pre the C-word) coined us The Double Act. Not just because we bounce off each other and fairly consistently tease one another, but because together we bring numbers + words, strategy + creative, and profit + personality. 

It stuck, and it fits our collective idea of sisterhood, working together, and ta-da! Actually making business and money and profit and content and messaging a little bit snazzy and a whole shed-tonne of fun. 


What we’re serious about is success – your version of it. Not some downloadable you snaffled off the Google telling you what you should be doing on this entrepreneurial adventure you’re on. 


‘Scuse us, but fuck ‘should’. 


We’re not going to should you.

We’re going to show you.


Because together, we’ve taught thousands and thousands of women just as glorious as you to plan for profit and write for conversion and to love the ta-da out of their business.


Step into our spotlight, start here.