20 years of experience
More than 500 clients
Over 6,000 downloads
Millions of dollars in profit making
2 business brains


both working for you

We’re The Double Act, two business best friends bringing together different perspectives, strengths, and bucketloads of experience for women in business who are sick of sitting on the sidelines.

Because it’s time to stop watching everyone else make it and wondering how the heck they did it. It’s your time.

It’s not like we want you to stop dreaming, but for the sake of all things sacred, start DOING something

Uncommon business building with two women who leave ‘should’ in the wings – specifically created for women who are ready to shake their money maker. That’s you. 

If you’re done with downloading all the freebies, cheapies, and half-assy stuff you never really properly implement and get on with getting some personalised guidance from two someones who have done it, get both of us in the T-DA Mastermind. 


We know 2020 changed the landscape for women in business. We know it might have scared you, or rocked you a bit. It certainly changed the way you need to do things. 

But, if we know anything about business, it’s the show must go on. 

Only for so many of us, that show’s going to look drastically different from ‘before’. 

That’s OK, perhaps in our panic we’ve forgotten one of the reasons we chose to be freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, or micro businesses is because it keeps us lean, it keeps us light on our feet, it means we can pivot and innovate. Fast. 

We’re Lauren June and Jay Crisp Crow and 95% of our income hits our waiting bank accounts because of our fine work…online. We knew it wasn’t the same for many of our colleagues, clients, and business-owning friends. So, we came together to deliver a range of courses and coaching for a range of budgets so you can create relationships, make sales, communicate your particular value, and build the kind of profitable bottom line that means you’ll never hit the panic button again – no matter what the world throws at you. 

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‘Money for Jam’ – money earned for an easy task. But wait, email marketing isn’t “easy”! Is it?

CA-CHING! How would it feel to hear money hit your bank account while you sleep? (Or while you’re making pancakes or walking your dog!)

Start your brand new business relationship off on the right foot (and have your new client dancing with joy)

Smart businesswomen know a returning client is all kinds of fabulous.

And you’re a smart businesswoman. (And all kinds of fabulous!)