Imagine lifetime, click-of-a-button access to smart strategy and highly converting copy tutorials so you can use emails to create falling-in-love relationships (and the ROI that goes with them) and turn your content into cash!

What makes these courses different?

 The Double Act is:










Because most courses will focus on either the strategy or the creativity. 

The truth is: you need both.

Sign up for these courses and have a tried-and-tested plan for what to do from the moment you need to find a new client to what to write during your onboarding sequence and ongoing client communications. 


‘Money for Jam’ – money earned for an easy task. But wait, email marketing isn’t “easy”! Is it?

It is when you know exactly what to write to your new email subscriber AND exactly what your strategy is to move them from interested reader to devoted buyer.

Truth: email marketing is the most cost-effective way to get an audience to love you to itty bitty, please-sell-me-your-stuff pieces.

This course delivers an easy-to-implement set of instructions that will show you how to turn your ideas into money using one of the most incredible platforms to communicate with your people – the humble email.


CA-CHING! How would it feel to hear money hit your bank account while you sleep? (Or while you’re making pancakes or walking your dog!)

And not just income. Profit. And relationship making, future-proofing, better business, brand building, and creating the kind of life you really want.

Cash In Your Content is a mini course teaching you how to make your content work so hard for you, it almost seems too easy.



Start your brand new business relationship off on the right foot (and have your new client dancing with joy)

Are you ready to have your new client looking forward to your project ending… so they can hire you again? 

This course teaches you exactly how to plan, automate, and write each step of your onboarding process, so your clients are in love with you and your brand from the first proposal email until we turn them into raving fans. 


Smart businesswomen know a returning client is all kinds of fabulous. 
And you’re a smart businesswoman. (And all kinds of fabulous!) 

Returning, Raving, and Referring Clients is a self-paced, online course for businesswomen who want a strategy to turn clients into long term, joyful partnerships who sing their praises from the rooftops. 

Stop wasting money trying to attract new clients consistently, and turn the people who love you into your biggest (and loudest) advocates.

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We’re Jay Crisp Crow and Lauren June and a participant in one of our workshops coined us The Double Act. Not just because we bounce off each other and fairly consistently tease one another, but because together we bring numbers + words, strategy + creative, and profit + personality. Two business brains are always better than one!

Jay runs a successful online copywriting and copy coaching business online in 20 hours a week (while juggling a family and a chronic illness) and Lauren teaches women in business all over the world to become profitable, quick on their business feet, and building their bottom line (online, without selling their souls).

Together, we’ve taught thousands and thousands of women just like you to plan for profit and write for conversion. 

Who better to teach you how to create relationships, make sales, and market the heckery out of your thing online than 2 women who do it every single day? 

“Woah, I did not see that coming, Jay and Loz beautifully choreographed in the dance of emails. Emails that make you money. Yay. I couldn’t decide who I loved more and who I needed more in my business. They presented a no-fail formula to get you started and the bucks rolling in.”

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