The show must go on

Take your presence from the empty auditorium to the (online) world stage

If we know anything about business, it?s the show must go on.?

Only for so many of us, that show?s going to look drastically different from ?before?.?

But that?s OK, perhaps in our panic we?ve forgotten one of the reasons we chose to be freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, or micro businesses is because it keeps us lean, it keeps us light on our feet, it means we can pivot and innovate. Fast.?

Now?s the time to remember.?

It?s time to get your sweet self online.

Spend 3 months with us and take your in-person education, creative tuition, or workshops and events into the virtual space.?

?Because now, more than ever, your online presence has to be incredible. And your people need you.?

Who are we?

We?re Jay Crisp Crow and Lauren June – Double Act. One half running a successful online copywriting and copy coaching business online in 20 hours a week (while juggling a family and a chronic illness) and one half teaching women in business all over the world to become profitable, quick on their business feet, and building their bottom line (online, without selling their souls).

Who better to teach you how to create relationships, make sales, and market the heckery out of your thing online than 2 women who do it every single day??


Here?s what The Show Must Go On includes:

(Think: strategy, copy, and marketing so good you?ll forget the TP crisis)?


Copywriting Basics

Because mastering your messaging is step 1 of getting people to fall in love with what you?re offering and wanting to give you money

Profit Streams

Lauren?s signature strategy for harnessing the power of your content to go out into the virtual world and bring back clients


Bundle together everything that makes your business so incredibly you, and turn it into a showstopping brand


Get our help figuring out why you?re taking yourself online – besides the current state of the world, that is. Have purpose and intention?



Content Planning

Work with both of us to learn how we plan out our content, write it once, and then automate it so it looks like we?re constantly connected and keeps us front of mind


Copywriting Guidance

For Landing pages, Sales pages, and an email marketing Welcome sequence – step-by-stepping you through how to write copy for every piece that needs to be included in taking your good self online

Launch Strategy

Because it?s not enough to bung up a website and hope to goodness for clients, we?ve got to launch you into the online space in a big, bold way

Opt In Ideas

Get that list bulked up like it?s about to win the heavyweight championships with warm leads who are looking for someone like you to access through the internet

Content Delivery & Tech

What?s the best way to get your knowledge into your best clients? ears (and therefore; hearts)? We?ll give you all the options – some you might not have thought about?



Feedback & Analysis

How to run a beta round, how to get feedback from your participants, how to use that feedback in your marketing (easy as pie) next time, and how to analyse what worked, what didn?t, and how to make it better?

This isn?t Create A Course 101.?

This is everything we know about money, messaging, and marketing bundled up into 12 weeks so – no matter how you choose to deliver your knowledge in the online space – you?re totally prepped and ready to step out into the spotlight.?


Jay is

a premium copywriter and copy coach writing blow-your-hair-back copy for big brands and teaching women in business how to do the same. A mum to 3 who juggles family and business life combined with managing a chronic illness, the ability to work with women all over the world and from her home means Jay has found the sweet spot for group classes – and they all happen via the magic of the internet.?

Lauren is one of her business coaches who nagged relentlessly to build her online presence and course program and is still proud even though she does an eye roll whenever Jay talks about it changing her life.?

Jay can be found at Crisp Copy and Jay Crisp Crow and is the founder of the Crisp Copy Class.?


Lauren is

a simplifier of the hard parts. A maker of profit. A teacher of strategies. A leader towards? profit. A matchmaker between you and processes, systems, and automation that?ll actually work for you and, did we mention, makes you some profit? A natural introvert with a reasonably frequent need to connect with other women, she revolutionised a businesswomen?s community and delivers profit making strategies via regular Zoom calls, online platforms, and virtual communities.?

Jay is one of her copywriters (and converted her to bringing herself into her email copy, the importance of apostrophes, and the Oxford comma).

Lauren can be found at and is the owner of The Profit.Able Project.?

How did this course come about??

We both had bit big plans for the second half of 2020. Lauren had just totally revamped her vibrant, connected online community and Jay had enjoyed back-to-back sold out copywriting course launches.?

We were planning an in-person event for Q2 – a collaborative showcase of copy, email marketing, systems, launch sequences, and how to write to sell. We?d even pre-sold tickets.?

And then the whole world changed.?

When we sat down to (fairly simply) turn our in-person event into a virtual one, we realised how difficult it was going to be for our clients, colleagues, and business friends to do the same.?

And we?re keenly aware of how fortunate we are to have businesses that pivot and change on a dime – able to be pretty darn flexible when they need to be to suit whatever?s happening in the world.?

That lead us to realise we have a lot more in the tank when it comes to getting our clients communicating, selling, then delivering amazing work online.?

Because it?s what we do every day.?

I mean, we were going to launch a podcast, but sometimes a global pandemic gets in the way of even the most determined plans, right??


We?d like to see you ride this out.

We?d like to see you future-proof your business a bit better.

We?d like to see you get applause all round.?

And because we pulled all this together so we could help out during these crazy old times we live in, we?d like to do it for a fraction of the cost of our usual coaching or courses. Just this once.?

2020 Round Pricing?

Pay Weekly

$149 per week + GST on a cash-flow friendly payment plan?

Pay in full

$1497 + GST upfront?

Pay up front and receive a bonus 30 minute copy review session from Jay on your Sales and Landing page or emails and a bonus 30 minute strategy review on your profit streams from Lauren

$ Community Scholarship $

For every 10 regular spots sold, we?ll donate one spot to an Australian based NFP or community service so they can continue to help people who need it. To apply, click here

To spend 1:1 time with Lauren each week you?d normally pay over $1,500 a month. To complete Jay?s Crisp Copy Class group program with her for 3 months is $1,497. In this program you get access and education from both of us for the price of one of us.?

That?s a Double Act!

That?s a Double Act!

Course starts:

27th April 2020

    We?ll meet:

    Weekly, via Zoom, with all classes recorded and available for lifetime access

    You?ll get:

    • Live collaborative classes
    • Recordings to rewatch – available for lifetime access?
    • All PDFs, templates, downloads, and notes for homework
    • A private FB group for the 3 months of our time together to ask questions of both Jay and Lauren
    • All for a fraction of the cost it would be to work with either of us 1:1?

    There?s a world full of online clients out there and they might now – more than ever – need your particular blend of magic. Could you deliver it to them online?