Creative + Strategy + Emails = Money for Jam

There’s money on the table.
You’re leaving it there.

‘Money for Jam’ – money earned for an easy task. But wait, email marketing isn’t “easy”! Is it?

It is when you know exactly what to write to your new email subscriber AND exactly what your strategy is to move them from interested reader to devoted buyer.

Truth: email marketing is the most cost-effective way to get an audience to love you to itty bitty, please-sell-me-your-stuff pieces.

Also truth: it’s easier to make this happen than you think.

Big fat fib: your list has to be hefty to make money.

Introducing the Money for Jam course. Teeny tiny investment; world of difference to your email marketing ROI.

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Yes, give me the jam

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“Woah, I did not see that coming, Jay and Loz beautifully choreographed in the dance of emails. Emails that make you money. Yay. I couldn’t decide who I loved more and who I needed more in my business. They presented a no-fail formula to get you started and the bucks rolling in.”

Imagine lifetime, click-of-a-button access to smart strategy and highly converting copy tutorials so you can make your emails make you money!

This self-paced course is for women in business who want more engagement, more email love, and more dosh in the bank. Delivered by The Double Act, Money for Jam gives you 2 business brains for a fraction of the price of one.

Is this you?


You’ve spent months planning out your offer 


You’ve written what feels like a thesis amount of content complete with tears, sweat, and possibly brain-blood


You’ve paid someone a bucket load of dosh or spent 346 hours writing your own Sales page


and now your Facebook ads promo budget is being sucked up like it’s dust and Zuckerberg is a Dyson

Your offer is good. Your people would love it. But you haven’t planned for profit or nurtured your audience to know they want what you have to offer yet.

You need this.

An easy-to-implement set of instructions that will show you how to turn your ideas into money using one of the most incredible platforms to communicate with your people – the humble email.

Because shoving your best potential clients towards your new product or service without a strategy or a sequence is like rolling up to a first date with a 2 carat rock in your hand. And your kissy lips on.

It’s all a bit too much.

And it’s a doozy of a mistake.

The kind of mistake that costs you valuable advertising dollars, all the frustrated tears, and possibly the best kind of clients, who will likely toddle off hand-in-hand with someone else who has put in the work to woo them the way they deserve. 

The truth is: your potential new clients deserve a little more nurturing than what you’re giving them. Which sounds like work, right?


Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you.

You just have to take the Money For Jam lessons and implement them to suit you. (Bonus: we’ll tell you how to do that too. Oh! And also, what to write!)


Who are
The Double Act?

We’re Jay Crisp Crow and Lauren June – The Double Act. One half running a successful online copywriting and copy coaching business online in 20 hours a week (while juggling a family and a chronic illness) and one half teaching women in business all over the world to become profitable, quick on their business feet, and building their bottom line (online, without selling their souls).

Together, we’ve taught thousands and thousands of women just like you to plan for profit and write for conversion. 

Who better to teach you how to create relationships, make sales, and market the heckery out of your thing online than 2 women who do it every single day? 

“Working with Lauren has increased the profitability of my business by more than double. She has helped me understand and communicate the value that I give to clients and that has been a huge breakthrough for me to charge what I am worth.
The systems that we have built and the content that we have created gives my customers a clear way to find me, get to know me, begin to trust me and directly purchase from me.”

You’re doing all the things people tell you to, so why the heck isn’t your thing selling?

Because you’re not harnessing one of the superpowers of engaged, feel-good marketing. The one with 3800% return on investment. The one where people INVITE you into their hearts and minds to showcase what good stuff you’ve got to sell them.

Imagine that.

A seat at the brain-table of your ideal client. A comfy one. And there’s a note at your spot. It says;

“I want to buy your thing” and “I want to love you” and “I will then buy ALL YOUR THINGS!”

 Sign up for Money For Jam and whip your email strategy into shape with a fail-safe plan to bundle up all your content and everything you know into manageable buckets. So you can deliver your ideal clients the value they need with a brand voice that engages, inspires, and gets the conversion.

If you’ve never sent an email before. Money for Jam.

If you have a list of 9000 but you don’t funnel your people effectively. Money for Jam.

If you want to start nurturing your readers. Yep, you guessed it. Money for Jam.

“I highly recommend working with Jay, either coaching with her if you’re keen to learn how to craft your own copy or investing to have her write those super important pieces of copy all business owners need. It’s the kind we all want in our business brand arsenal in order to showcase the best we have to offer.”

Here’s what the Money for Jam course delivers –

on demand, the moment you join:

Module 1

Basics of Email Marketing

These lessons teach you the basics of email marketing and the science behind it including content-based lead generation and understanding your client journey. 

Lauren walks you through some cold hard truths about email marketing and the fibs you might have been telling yourself about why you’re not already using it. She shows you how to plan with your future business in mind, how (good) funnels really work, and why a “heck yes!” or “perhaps not” are both excellent outcomes. 

Module 2

Profit Streams

If there’s one strategy gem you’ll pat yourself on the back for learning about, it’s Lauren signature system – Profit Streams.

This module takes you through the basics of Profit Streams – making it simpler than you ever imagined to bundle up what you know and deliver it in a way your client needs, all the while figuring out exactly how to use your content to build your audience and your bottom line. These lessons include nitty gritty about product delivery, client onboarding and offboarding, user experience, and also touches upon social media, your website, and SEO. 

Module 3

Email Copywriting 101

These lessons teach you the basics of email copywriting, how to use copy to convert readers into buyers, and how to blend your brand voice into every word you write.

Jay also walks you through an utterly simple to implement (and tweak to make it perfectly yours) email template and how to write emails (using your new copywriting knowledge) in a super speedy way. Including hints for subject lines, structure, rethinking Sales copy, and how to use storytelling, this module will whip your hidden conversion copywriter into shape and bring her out to make your brand shine.

Module 4

Nurture Sequence Plan

This module teaches you why the plan is the most important part of nurture sequence copywriting, along with the two most essential elements of conversion copywriting you probably have never heard of.

Jay will also teach you how to write something once, and upcycle it over and over again (hint: you’ve probably already half-written your nurture sequence already!)

This module also delivers you a step-by-step walkthrough on exactly what to write in your 5 part nurture or welcome sequence.

Downloadable – Google Doc

Testimonial Template (Fill In The Blanks) 

Downloadable – Google Doc

Blogging Structure Guide and Workbook

Downloadable – Google Doc

Writing + Editing

Downloadable – Google Doc

Brand Voice Development Workbook 

Copywriting Swipe File

 Onboarding Examples

Copywriting Swipe File

Offboarding Examples

Copywriting Swipe File

Nurture Sequence Examples

Downloadable – Google Doc

30 Question Ideas To Ask When Onboarding & Offboarding

Canva Template

Welcome Kit

Canva Template

30 Page eBook Design

Canva Template

15 Blog Banner Templates

Canva Template

15 Pinterest Pin Templates

Clients pay Lauren $4,500 for strategy work and Jay $3,900 for a 5 email sequence. And still get a return on that investment. For this course, we’ve bundled up the knowledge we share on repeat and packaged it up in this access-anytime platform. Oh, and made it so dang affordable, you’ll be patting yourself on the back the moment you implement the first piece of advice.

For $197* AUD you’ll get:

  • 4 modules of recorded lessons
  • Downloadable tutorials and worksheets
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Jammers only 1:1 consulting rate
  • Easy-to-implement strategy and copywriting advice from Lauren and Jay, at a smidge of the cost of what you’d paid us 1:1 to learn any of these skills (or yes, you can totally pay us $400+ an hour if you like!)

* around $125 USD or £100

All prices are + GST for Australian clients and charged in AUD. Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

If you’re bored to death of 

Paying FB loads of cash for little return

Not knowing what emails to write when someone joins your list


Hiding behind your ‘professional voice’ and being terrified anyone will figure out you’re a human

Waking up at 4am worried where the next client will come from

Trying to figure out what your potential clients need from you to help them make a buying decision


Revamping your tired old CV just in case you need it to get a ‘real’ job *DREAD!*

Or you’re just looking at your email platform with the cold sweats because you know it must do SOMETHING COOL but you’re not sure where to start


Get immediate access to the course 

Yes, give me the jam

Get instant access to
Money for Jam for only $197

Lauren is

“Lauren… cut to the heart of key issues and offer insight in a short space of time.”

“…nailed my customer journey!”

“ more clients have signed onto work with me this month than all last year”

“…the best money I’ve spent on my business”

“Your strategy paid for itself in one email”

Jay is

“…a total goddess, rockstar copywriter”

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours…”

“… a gifted teacher. Jay guided me to connect with the best words I had to offer and has provided me with new learning I use all the time.” 

“The best investment I’ve made in my business…”

“…a talented, reliable, and effortless professional who writes kick-ass email copy…”

This course will take you from that messy spot and into becoming a brand voice activated, whip smart email taming, funnel implementing, strategic copywriting rockstar. 

One that people will love. One that people want to buy from.

 Plus, you’ll get to learn the dosh-bringing-in strategies you won’t be able to find online from all the big-name gurus. Why? Because we’re both used to working with people who have 9 (yes, that’s nine) subscribers to start with to clients who have lists of just a coupla thousand. Don’t think you can sell something to 9 subscribers?

Oh, you’re going to love this course.

 Plus, Plus: This course won’t just send you away with a bit of an idea about how to structure a good, converting email. No ma’am, you’ll learn: 


  • All the copywriting queen tips and advice for mapping out an incredible nurture sequence – so nurturey people want to lay down and have a nap in the garden that is your know, like, and trust 
  • AND the basics of Profit Streams so you can turn your content into cold hard cash

The Money For Jam course is for you if:

  • you work 1:1 with clients as a service-based provider
  • you sell online (courses, memberships, coaching, masterminds, consulting, or your plain ol’ smart self)
  • you are open to rethink some of what you know about email marketing, profit, and copy and go back to basics for a moment
  • you’re willing to put in some love and care-taking to your subscribers to reap the benefits in the future
  • you want to learn to write your own converting email copy, rather than outsource it
  • you know you’re throwing words at a wall and money down the drain, instead of planning with smart strategy from the get-go


I don't have a list yet, is this course for me?

Oh. My. Goodness. Do you know how many clients we’ve had collectively exclaim with various types of expletives they wish they’d done this properly from the beginning?

Both Lauren and Jay have worked with people with no email list, up to people with tens of thousands of subscribers.

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s the EXACT time to plan for profit and write to convert. And nurture like a complete goddess.

What's included in this course?

When you login to the course, you’ll see 4 modules plus a bonus welcome video.

Each module has a video recording with slides walking you through the lessons.

The course platform also delivers downloadable content.

How do I access the course?

Once you click through to buy, you’ll receive an email with all your login details. Once you’re in – that’s it! Access!

How long do I have access to the course content?

For as long as Lauren and I are in business.

Hint: neither of us want to be employable ever again. We’re earning far too much to go back to a ‘normal’ job and we both work from home (often glammed up from the belly button up, ugg boots below).

Also, we have 20+ years of experience running our own profitable businesses. We’re not going anywhere soon.

TL;DR: Lifetime access.

Strategy scares the pants off me, is that OK?

Lauren has a signature system to move people from strategy scaredy-cats to profit powerhouses which she will walk you through with compassionate prodding.

Note from Jay: trust me, I’m a total creative brain and my business is massively profitable because of Lauren’s Profit Streams. You won’t cry. You will make money, strategically. You might even like it!


I am a copywriting newbie, is this alright?

Jay has taught massage therapists, midwives, music teachers, sexologists, VAs, designers, brand experts, and a whole bucketload of copywriters how to write words that sell.

And she doesn’t just teach, Jay is a working copywriter – 50% of her business is still done-for-you copy. Because she honestly believes you need skin in the game to be able to copy coach.

It doesn’t matter if you have no real idea what copywriting is (we cover that in this course) of if you’re a highly paid content writer, this course will help you make money from your emails.

You’re ready for Money For Jam

Yes, give me the jam

Get instant access to
Money for Jam for only $197