The truth is:

smart businesswomen know a returning client is all kinds of fabulous.

And you’re a smart businesswoman. (And all kinds of fabulous!)

Did you know it costs around $100 every single time you bring on a new client? Marketing, proposals, onboarding, breath-holding and finger-crossing?

What would it feel like to be confident enough to turn your current client into a returning, raving, and referring client instead?

This course teaches you exactly what the 3Rs are and how they make you money, how to convert your current clients to a 3R, and what you should actually write during your offboarding process to make it all happen! 

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Yes to returning and raving clients

Get instant access to
Returning, Referring, and Raving Clients for only $97

“Woah, I did not see that coming, Jay and Loz beautifully choreographed in the dance of emails. Emails that make you money. Yay. I couldn’t decide who I loved more and who I needed more in my business. They presented a no-fail formula to get you started and the bucks rolling in.”

Returning, Referring, and Raving Clients is a self-paced, online course for businesswomen who want a strategy to turn clients into long term, joyful partnerships who sing their praises from the rooftops. 

Delivered by The Double Act, the 3Rs course brings you two business brains from besties for a fraction of the price of working with just one of us. 

“Working with Lauren has increased the profitability of my business by more than double. She has helped me understand and communicate the value that I give to clients and that has been a huge breakthrough for me to charge what I am worth.

The systems that we have built and the content that we have created gives my customers a clear way to find me, get to know me, begin to trust me and directly purchase from me.”

“I highly recommend working with Jay, either coaching with her if you’re keen to learn how to craft your own copy or investing to have her write those super important pieces of copy all business owners need. It’s the kind we all want in our business brand arsenal in order to showcase the best we have to offer.”

All kinds of fabulous:


You have clients you’ve loved working with and wish you had a step-by-step plan to get them back on your books


You’d love to know what to write at every step of the delivery and offboarding process to transform an offboarding into a re-onboarding


Between us, we’ve worked with thousands and thousands of women and we both have a business built on word of mouth referrals from delighted, raving fans. We’re going to teach you some fail-safe strategies for planning and communication so your business can enjoy this kind of fabulous too. 

Who are The Double Act?

We’re Jay Crisp Crow and Lauren June – The Double Act. One half running a successful online copywriting and copy coaching business online in 20 hours a week (while juggling a family and a chronic illness) and one half teaching women in business all over the world to become profitable, quick on their business feet, and building their bottom line (online, without selling their souls).

Together, we’ve taught thousands and thousands of women just like you to plan for profit and write for conversion. 

Who better to teach you how to create relationships, make sales, and market the heckery out of your thing online than 2 women who do it every single day? 

What makes this course different?

 The Double Act is:










Because most courses will focus on either the strategy or the creativity. 

The truth is: you need both. 

Sign up for this course and have a tried-and-tested plan for what to do from the moment you’ve landed the client to what to write during your onboarding sequence and ongoing client communications. 

Here’s what The 3Rs course delivers –

on demand, the moment you join:

Module 1

What Are The 3Rs And Why They Make You Money 

Stop. Spending. Money attracting new clients. You’re sitting on a gold mine – and it’s your current client list. Learn how a returning, referring, and raving client makes you all the moolah

Module 2

What Your Client Needs To Transform Into A 3R

Your contract with your client is ending, it’s time to get a new client to replace this income, right? Nope! Here’s how to make it so your client never wants to walk away

Module 3

What To Write In Your Offboarding Sequence

No matter how long or short your project and time have been together, this has been probably an intensive relationship working closely with someone you hopefully want to have you book again. Here’s what to write to make that happen

Module 4

How To Get Powerful Conversion Copy You Don’t Write Yourself

Do you want converting copy you don’t have to write yourself? Learn how to find it, how to extract it, and where to use it – and never have to click a keyboard to get it

Downloadable – 25 Question Ideas To Ask Your Client When Offboarding

Never miss a question with these helpful set of prompts and move your client from offboarding to returning!

Canva Template – 30 Page eBook Design

Need a lead magnet or opt in as gorgeous as it is helpful? This template is perfectly designed and ready for you to drop in your copy!

Copywriting Swipe File – Offboarding Examples

Real life, tried-and-tested offboarding copy for your swipe file – perfect for service-based businesses

Downloadable – Google Doc – Testimonial Template (Fill In The Blanks) 

Cringe at having to chase clients for a testimonial? Make it easier for them with this fill-in-the-answers document 

“Working with Lauren has increased the profitability of my business by more than double.”

“Jay definitely met the expectations of a genius copywriter!”

“Lauren has created a snowball effect of goodness in my life and business.”

“Jay makes words less scary.”

Clients pay Lauren $4,500 for strategy work and Jay $3,900 for a 5 email sequence. And still get a return on that investment. For this course, we’ve bundled up the knowledge we share on repeat and packaged it up in this access-anytime platform. Oh, and made it so dang affordable, you’ll be patting yourself on the back the moment you implement the first piece of advice.

For $97* AUD you’ll get:

  • 4 modules of recorded lessons
  • Downloadable tutorials and worksheets
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Jammers only 1:1 consulting rate
  • Easy-to-implement strategy and copywriting advice from Lauren and Jay, at a smidge of the cost of what you’d paid us 1:1 to learn any of these skills (or yes, you can totally pay us $400+ an hour if you like!)

* around $67 USD or £52

All prices are + GST for Australian clients and charged in AUD. Check your exchange rates if you’re in another country – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Get immediate access to Returning, Referring, and Raving Clients here 

Yes to returning and raving clients

Get instant access to
Returning, Referring, and Raving Clients for only $97

Lauren is

“Lauren… cut to the heart of key issues and offer insight in a short space of time.”

“…nailed my customer journey!”

“ more clients have signed onto work with me this month than all last year”

“…the best money I’ve spent on my business”

“Your strategy paid for itself in one email”

Jay is

“…a total goddess, rockstar copywriter”

“One hour with Jay is equivalent to 8 regular human hours…”

“… a gifted teacher. Jay guided me to connect with the best words I had to offer and has provided me with new learning I use all the time.” 

“The best investment I’ve made in my business…”

“…a talented, reliable, and effortless professional who writes kick-ass email copy…”

How do I access the course?

Press the buy button, go check your emails, login using the credentials we’ll send you, and kablam! You have immediate access.

Our course is hosted on MemberVault, which is a super easy to use platform which walks you through each module simple as pie. You can also jump ahead at any time.

Whats included in the course?

When you login to the course, you’ll see 4 modules you have immediate access to.

Each module has a video recording with slides walking you through the lessons.

The course platform also delivers downloadable content.

How long do I have access to the course content?

For as long as Lauren and Jay are in business.

Hint: neither of us want to be employable ever again. We’re earning far too much to go back to a ‘normal’ job and we both work from home (often glammed up from the belly button up, ugg boots below).

Also, we have 20+ years of experience running our own profitable businesses. We’re not going anywhere soon.

TL;DR: Lifetime access.

Strategy scares the pants off me, is that ok?

Lauren has a signature system to move people from strategy scaredy-cats to profit powerhouses which she will walk you through with compassionate prodding.

Note from Jay: trust me, I’m a total creative brain and my business is massively profitable because of Lauren’s Profit Streams. You won’t cry. You will make money, strategically. You might even like it!

I am a copywriting newbie, is that alright?

Jay has taught massage therapists, midwives, music teachers, sexologists, VAs, designers, brand experts, and a whole bucketload of copywriters how to write words that sell.

And she doesn’t just teach, Jay is a working copywriter – 50% of her business is still done-for-you copy. Because she honestly believes you need skin in the game to be able to copy coach.

It doesn’t matter if you have no real idea what copywriting is (we cover that in this course) of if you’re a highly paid content writer, this course will help you make money from your emails.

Get immediate access to Returning, Referring, and Raving Clients here

Yes to returning and raving clients

Get instant access to
Returning, Referring, and Raving Clients for only $97